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inter 3 provides practice-oriented research and consultancy in all areas of resource management. We develop workable solutions for modern, culturally and regionally appropriate infrastructure management. ...more


Clean air in Berlin: First workshop marks the beginning of EU COMPAIR in Berlin [09.02.2022]

Working on a local strategy for better Berlin air: The Berlin pilot project of the EU project COMPAIR started on February 3, 2022 with an online workshop. Citizens brought in their ideas as to where and with which technology data on air pollution should be collected. ...more

Impact analysis on the water export initiative in Jordan [20.01.2022]

[Translate to English:] Staudamm in jordanischer Wüste

How can the BMU-funded projects in the water sector become even more effective? The project that has just started deals with this question using the example of Jordan. In addition to inter 3, the TU Berlin and German Water Partnership are involved....more

Municipal water partnerships: Establishing a pool of operators for international cooperation [29.11.2021]

Municipal water and wastewater operators have the knowledge, skills and experience that are particularly needed in the countries of the global South. On behalf of the GIZ, inter 3 is conducting an analysis on the operator landscape in Germany, while also being responsible for establishing a pool of interested wastewater companies....more