Institute for Resource Management
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inter 3 – Research with distinction

The development of adaptable infrastructures has been a central focus of inter 3’s work from the beginning. Currently, infrastructures are provided and supported by the state and municipalities, but also by businesses and civil society. inter 3 takes their resources, strengths and weaknesses into account and enables them to respond rapidly and successfully to transition. Our particular strength in this lies in the combination of short term workable solutions and long term effective strategies.

Practice-oriented research with vision

Our research team works across disciplines and with a practical focus. We impartially demonstrate interdisciplinary and cross-sector viewpoints and develop robust solutions that convince citizens, businesses and political decision makers alike.

A particular inter 3 trademark is its entrepreneurial attitude which does not focus on return on equity but on new perspectives, strategic starting points and sustainable solutions. This results in science-based solutions whose implementation inter 3 supports through innovation management.

Consultancy with new perspectives for decision makers

inter 3 sees itself as a strong partner for decision makers in politics, economics and society: We bring complex issues to the point and deliver persuasive concepts for sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Our in-depth insights of the current challenges to infrastructure management open up new perspectives for political and entrepreneurial decisions. inter 3 supports businesses entering new markets and cultures by setting them on the right course from the outset. Public institutions and civil society initiatives profit from the entrepreneurial attitude and the wider perspectives for action.