Vlatko Vilović

Environmental policy scientist and data scientist

Diversity as a strength: Understanding and addressing the systemic causes of climate change, high energy consumption and other pressing sustainability issues requires interdisciplinary research and a mix of diverse actions­. ­This line of thinking is reflected­ in the work of Vlatko Vilović. The political scientist conducts research and advises partners on topics such as circular economy­, air quality ­and the ­promotion of sustainable behaviour, ­using his methodological expertise in statistical modelling, GIS applications and stakeholder engagement in the process. His project partners value his incisive scientific analyses. He creates analytical tools for clients and supports the development and implementation of capacity building formats.

By using holistic solutions, I want to help build a more sustainable and compassionate world.

Vlatko Vilović has always been interested in ­exploring new approaches to a more circular ­and equitable economy. This was his focus during his studies in political science in ­New York as well as during his time at the Department of ­Land Use Economics ­at the Institute of Technology and the NGO Green League in Berlin. After his time at EPC gGmbH, where he co-developed ­EU H2020 and national projects in the fields of energy, resource management ­and capacity building, his interest in the application of quantitative and statistical methods, especially in R, led him to inter 3 in 2021.


Current projects