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Supporting the Media and Public Relations Work for the Pilot Project "Demographic Transition – Structuring the Future of Public Services Provision in Rural Regions"

Actively Shaping Demographic Transition and Identifying Opportunities

Demografischer Wandel

Demographic transition, and the resulting regional consequences, is one of the most important challenges we face today. Initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, the pilot project "Demographic Transition – Structuring the Future of Public Service Provision in Rural Regions" funds the implementation of innovative projects for actively shaping demographic transition.  Four regions in the east and west have qualified for participation and are systematically building up their regional strengths. inter 3 is undertaking the public relations work in this project.

Public perception of demographic transition is often negative because of fears and misgivings.  Neither politics nor the economy is practiced in tackling demographic shrinkage offensively and in seizing opportunities. This is where inter 3‘s sub-project comes in. inter 3 seeks to demonstrate and communicate  the opportunities, scope for creativity and positive effects of demographic change through inspiring news coverage without trivialising the issue of adaptation.

Objective: Attracting positive public attention

inter 3 aims to show demographic transition, usually covered negatively in the news, in a positive way. The main objective of the regional and national press and public relations work is thus to attract positive public attention in the pilot regions to activities, adaptation successes and the holistic regional concept.

Approach: Communicating regional successes – activating people

Working closely with the federal ministry, inter 3 employs a combination of general communication and region-specific communication. A logo and strapline, "the region creates the future”, brings the regions together under one umbrella while targeted media work draws attention to regional successes. This points increasingly to the opportunities and scope for creativity resulting from demographic transition. In this way public relations work becomes a strategic success factor in the handling of demographic change and helps to give the pilot projects an appropriate and positive public image.

Project Name:
Demographic Transition – Structuring the Future of Public Services Provision in Rural Regions

Helke Wendt-Schwarzburg
Phone: +49(0)30 34 34 74 46

German Federal Ministery for Transport, Building and Urban Affairs 

Field Partner:
Stilblüte Kommunikation Berlin

Location: Berlin

Duration: 2007 – 2011