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Use of rainwater: Options for the systematic economic use of rainwater – practical study on the installation of a rainwater usage system - Water Resource Management

Sensible use of rainwater

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How can rainwater be used in an economic and environmentally friendly way? Commissioned by the International Alliance (Internationaler Bund, IB), inter 3 is investigating how a rainwater usage system could bring economic savings in water consumption for the site of the Education and Integration Center Neuenhagen near Berlin. Value is laid in particular on involving craft apprentices with learning disabilities in the system installation.

Objective: Custom-made rainwater system

First the measurement parameters have been analysed. These are type, number, and distribution of consumption points (WCs, washing machines, etc.), and consumption volume and profile, as well as usable collection area (roofs). Then, with the aid of local rainfall data, a multi-stage variant model was developed. The individual variants, each with corresponding cost estimates, could then be implemented either selectively or in combination with one another.

As part of the Neuenhagen Project "Focus: Water”, the chosen variant was installed as a demonstration system open to the public.

Project name:
Study on the installation of a rainwater usage system

Dr. Shahrooz Mohajeri       
Tel.: +49(0)30 34 34 74 40

Internationalen Bund (IB)

Education and Integration Center Neuenhagen

Location: Neuenhagen near Berlin

Duration: 2000