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Young Cities – Developing and producing energy efficient urban structures in the Teheran-Karaj Regionin Iran - BMBF: "Research for the sustainable development of the mega-cities of tomorrow"

Young Cities: Energy efficient infrastructures for the metropolises of the future

How can the urban structures of the future be shaped in a resource-efficient and sustainable away? The BMBF-funded (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) pilot project "Young Cities” investigates this question under the direction of the Technical University of Berlin. This joint project will develop illustrative approaches for the growth centre, Teheran-Karaj. inter 3 is leading the "Urban Infrastructure Systems" section in which concepts for sustainable and energy-efficient infrastructure will be developed.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has experienced a true population explosion in the past decades. The Teheran-Karaj Region in particular is facing a formidable rise in consumption at the same time as resources are becoming ever scarcer. Thus it becomes ever more important to exploit the remaining resources sustainably.

Objectives: Energy efficient infrastructure systems

New Town Hashtgerd is one of the rapidly growing cities near Teheran. Here, illustrative energy efficient infrastructure systems are to be developed and implemented, giving consideration to natural and socio-economic conditions. In a sub-project, options for water consumption reduction without loss in comfort will be identified, as well as options for harnessing the energy available in wastewater.

Approach: analyse – design - implement

Based on a demand analysis and predictions, inter 3 together with partners will develop a concept for integrated and sustainable water supply and wastewater disposal in New Town Hashtgerd. Existing water resources should be protected and accumulated wastewater exploited as a new resource. Integrated and workable concepts for the reduction of cold and hot water consumption and for wastewater management will be developed. Implementation will initially take place on a 35 ha development area. The next step will be to test how transferable the experiences from the pilot project are onto the whole city and other regions of Iran.

Project name:
Young Cities – Developing Energy-Efficient Urban Fabric in the Tehran-Karaj Region

Tamara Nuñez von Voigt
Tel.: +49(0)30 34 34 74 47

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF); Focus of funding: "Research for the sustainable development of the mega-cities of tomorrow".

Iranian partners:
Building and Housing Research Center; Ministry of Housing and Urban Development; New Towns Development Corporation; National Water & Wastewater Engineering Company (NWWEC); other institutions from administration, science and civil society communities

German partners:
Technische Universität Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin, Universität der Künste Berlin and Fraunhofer Institut FIRST  p2m berlin GmbH, nexus e.V.  Berufsförderungswerk e.V. des Bauindustrieverbandes Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

Location: Berlin/Teheran/New Town Hashtgerd

Duration: 2008 – 2013