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Promote energy advice and energy-efficient refurbishment with target-oriented communication formats

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Closing the gap between wanting and doing

The energy-efficient refurbishment of buildings is an important pillar for successful energy transition ­and thus for climate protection. After all, ­buildings are responsible for 35 percent of energy consumption ­in ­Germany. The ­largest share of this, in turn, is ­caused by ­residential buildings, which can potentially save a lot of energy­. ­But why is the energy turnaround in ­the building sector ­progressing so slowly? The idea that renovation involves a considerable investment often creates a barrier to obtaining further information, ­for example about possible subsidies­.

Where information is lacking and how it can be better disseminated in order to provide targeted ­support for homeowners ­in the field of energy-efficient­ renovation is the central question being investigated in ­the Efficient Citizens ­project. The special feature: The researchers from inter 3 are working together with citizen scientists and the project partner co2-online.

Identify and remedy information and communication deficits

In the project, homeowners are trained as citizen scientists who then develop, conduct and evaluate a survey of other homeowners together with the project team. At the same time, a broad-based online survey will be ­launched. Subsequently­, information needs, ­energy consultation-effects ­and information on effective incentives for action will be ­identified.  On ­this basis, recommendations for effective information work ­and ­energy efficiency advice will be ­developed and ­made available to ­the actors in energy and climate communication.

Within the project, inter 3 is responsible for the conception as well ­as the qualitative and quantitative sociological ­evaluation of the panel surveys ­and target group-oriented ­preparation of the information content.

EfficientCitizens is a citizen science project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. The duration of the project is from November 2021 to October 2024.

Efficient Citizens – Exploring individual information and communication deficits in investment-related energy efficiency measure


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