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Projects Focus Iran

Digital professional development and networking: decentralized wastewater management in Iran

Decentralized wastewater treatment plants provide an important contribution to the building of the wastewater infrastructure in Iran’s rural areas. Together with ATB WATER, inter 3 is developing a digital LEARN HOUSE to provide further training offers for Iranian specialists....more

IWRM Zayandeh Rud - Implementation Phase

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Iran faces enormous water management challenges and needs solutions, especially for the Zayandeh Rud River, which is threatened by water shortage. The third phase of the "IWRM Zayandeh Rud" project, the implementation phase, is now mainly concerned with the implementation of concrete measures, the foundations of which were developed in the first two project phases since 2010....more

Iran-Water: Making German-Iranian cooperation in the water sector successful

What is the condition of the water and wastewater infrastructure in Iran? What potential does Iran offer for German SMEs in the water and sanitation sector? What conditions of the Iranian water sector need German SMEs take into account for their activities in Iran? These questions are at the center of the research project " Iran-Water: Making German-Iranian cooperation in the water sector successful" which was launched in June 2016....more

Sustainable land use strategies for climate change adaptation in the lower reaches of the Zayandeh Rud River in Iran

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The Roodasht region, in the lower reaches of the Zayandeh Rud river in Central Iran, suffers extraordinarily from water stress due to climate change and intense resource use. This does not only put the livelihood of local farmers at risk, but also the sensitive ecological balance if the desert continues to spread. In this International Climate Initiative (IKI) project, inter 3 and GIZ investigate suitable solutions....more

IWRM Zayandeh Rud

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Iran faces enormous challenges in water resources management and is in particular need of solutions for the Zayandeh Rud River that is endangered by water shortages. The second phase of the project that started as "IWRM in Isfahan" in 2010 and where approaches for an IWRM have been developed, will now focus on the design and implementation of actual technology and know-how transfer measures....more

Wells for potable water - Rehabilitation with German-Iranian expertise – inter 3 facilitates knowledge transfer

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Population growth and water scarcity threaten future drinking water supply of Iranians capital Teheran. German know-how and technology helps to face the challenge. Deep wells supplying approximately one third of Teheran population with water, require urgently modernization for robust water supply. The Iran-experienced inter 3 team, supports the "Teheran Water Production Wells – Well Remediation & Rehabilitation Project” with inter 3 expertise in sustainable water supply and wastewater disposal as well as intelligent infrastructure planning....more

Capacity Development "made in Germany"

The German education and training in the water sector is seen as a model worldwide. inter 3 is offering decision makers of the Iranian water sector the opportunity to see for themselves at an expert workshop on Capacity Development which takes place at the exhibition "Wasser Berlin International”. ...more

Integrated water resource management in Isfahan (Iran)

Brücke in Isfahan

Iran‘s second largest industrial region is suffering increasingly from the competition for water. Under the leadership of inter 3, a consortium of scientists and businesses is developing an implementable concept for sustainable integrated water resource management....more

Potential for Renewable Energies in Iran and Opportunities for German-Iranian Cooperation

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There is great potential for building up renewable energies in Iran and several strategic and entrepreneurial proposals exist, that can be enhanced to bring about successful German-Iranian cooperation....more

IFAT Entsorga exhibition and workshop for experts from the Iranian water sector

The world’s leading fair for environmental technologies, the IFAT Entsorga in Munich, offers a compact overview of technical innovations and management procedures of major German companies. In this context, inter 3 is developing and organising a delegation’s journey including an expert workshop. ...more

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