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inter 3 – Consultancy and Project Management under one roof

We provide informed consultancy and competent project management in our areas of expertise – Infrastructure Development, Water Management, Science Communication and Focus Iran. Whether Innovation Management, Business Development or PR-concepts: we work with you to find appropriate solutions.


Innovation Management

The ability to innovate is an important factor of success in a very rapidly changing world. Public and private organisations must continuously reappraise their aims and missions and adjust to their changing surroundings.   ...more


Evaluation, results monitoring and controlling play an important role for businesses and public bodies as well as in research. Only if the effectiveness and rate of achieving success of one’s activities are understood, can the available resources be used effectively and efficiently. ...more

Business Development

inter 3 supports businesses by finding and deliberately exploiting unused potential, by developing new services and products, and by tapping into new markets in different countries.  ...more

Capacity Development

In the infrastructure sector, well-trained personnel are just as important as modern technologies and organisational structures. Neither technical nor organisational innovations can reach their full potential without suitably and sufficiently trained personnel.  ...more

Knowledge Integration

The multidisciplinary cooperation across many infrastructure sectors along with the cooperation of researchers and practical experts presents a great challenge to science management. ...more


In the science community, it is becoming more and more important to communicate complex information in a comprehensible, interesting and plausible fashion and to convey the message at the right time and place.  ...more