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Making science effective


Social innovations for climate-just cities

How can social innovations in the field of building, housing and urban development be brought from the niche to the…

Project overview

Drainless roof

Redesigning urban spaces: Relieving drainage systems and preventing flood hazards.

City – Country – River

inter 3 supports the development of regional food systems on behalf of the HNEE with innovation management methods.

CompAIR – Citizen Science for better air

Making Citizen Science results usable for environmental education and environmental policy decisions

From brackish to irrigation water with new technologies

The HighRec project focuses on strategies to address the water shortage in the Middle East.

Flexible Utility: Climate resilience for public service infrastructures

Can the transformation of public service infrastructures into climate-resilient systems succeed?


KIRMin: Increasing the resilience of critical infrastructures

What happens to the water supply in the event of a power failure and how can it be protected against total failure?

Network Energy Efficient Water Management (NEW)

Flexible control of electricity demand and earn money with it? The modern energy market makes it possible.

Sewage treatment plants as system service providers in the energy sector

How can sewage treatment plants contribute to the energy transition as energy consumers, producers and storage…