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Making science effective

Translating robust analyses into strategic activities

­Many people − including us − can do robust ­analyses. ­They all want to be effective, too. ­What ­distinguishes ­us from many ­others is ­our pragmatic ­approach and our ­strategic ­tools.

Bring together, evaluate, decide, go

We follow this thread. At each step, we reduce the ­complexity that characterises scientific analyses ­a little, to be able to take action ­and get going.

Two things are crucial: first, to ­focus on the ­really ­important factors for a viable ­solution. And second, that at every step it is made clear what is falling by the wayside and what price is being paid for it.

Knowledge available at any time − and digestible

Making the expertise, specialist knowledge and experience that lies dormant in many colleagues useful and accessible to others − that is a major concern of inter 3.

With our Digital LEARNING HOUSE, we have ­created an ­infrastructure that makes ­the ­fantastic digital possibilities of knowledge transfer available with minimal effort: for us, for companies, for projects. For the ­exchange of experience ­and knowledge transfer ­here in Germany and in ­international partnerships. We are ­happy to support you in getting ­knowledge out of your heads and ­preparing it in ­such a way ­that it is ­accessible and ­useful for ­others.

Scientific services

inter 3 – Making science effective

Do you want to achieve the maximum impact out of your research projects? We support you with our 20 years of experience in practice-oriented research and consulting. Our scientific services are designed to enable knowledge and practice partners to make statements, decisions and actions in spite of increasingly limited resources.

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