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Water and energy infrastructure

Develop flexible infrastructure linkages and uses

The activating involvement of water and energy consumers, the intersectoral ­connection of ­infrastructures and regional resources, but also the decentralisation ­and flexibilisation of ­technical infrastructure systems ­- these are some of our research approaches ­for sustainable supply and disposal.


Climate-resilient infrastructure: FLEXITILITY starts implementation phase

Operating concepts for water reuse and intermediate drinking water storage are being tested

Input at the Urban Thinkers Campus 2022

At Urban Thinkers Campus 22, Dr. Shahrooz Mohajeri speaks on municipal operator partnerships.

Enabling water reuse in Germany

With the Water Reuse Check, inter 3 calculates concrete potentials for wastewater treatment plant operators.


Flexible Utilities: Implementation Phase

Solutions developed in the R&D phase of the FLEXITITY project are now going into implementation.

Establishing municipal water partnerships

inter 3 analyses the potentials for municipal water partnerships in the countires of the global south.

Digital training concepts for decentralized wastewater plants

Together with ATB WATER, inter 3 is developing a digital LEARNING HOUSE for Iranian professionals.

In times of climate change, we need to rethink water management. In doing so, we can learn a lot from the global South.
Dr. Shahrooz Mohajeri
Managing director