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Making science effective


Social innovations for climate-just cities

How can social innovations in the field of building, housing and urban development be brought from the niche to the…

Project overview

Drainless roof

Redesigning urban spaces: Relieving drainage systems and preventing flood hazards.

Flood protection and management of flood disasters in Iran

inter 3 creates an overview of official responsibilities during flood disasters.

Establishing municipal water partnerships

inter 3 analyses the potentials for municipal water partnerships in the countires of the global south.

Flexible Utility: Urban infrastructures fit for climate change

What does climate-resilient urban development look like and how can it be optimally supported by infrastructure?

Flexible Utility: Climate resilience for public service infrastructures

Can the transformation of public service infrastructures into climate-resilient systems succeed?


ZeroTrace - Elimination of trace substances in wastewater treatment plants

In the ZeroTrace project, inter 3 and its partners are developing new processes for the elimination of micropollutants.

Iran-Water - Iranian water sector under the microscope

What framework conditions does the water and wastewater infrastructure in Iran offer? Is there potential for German…

KIRMin: Increasing the resilience of critical infrastructures

What happens to the water supply in the event of a power failure and how can it be protected against total failure?