Flood protection and management of flood disasters in Iran

Research on administrative responsibilities in the event of flood disasters

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On-site knowledge as key to successful flood management

For more than 20 years, inter 3 has maintained an extensive network of experts and decision-makers in the field of water and land management in Iran. The team has now been commissioned to carry out research aimed at gathering information about Iran as part of the BMBF-funded project "HoWaMan - Flood Risk Management in Semi-Arid and Arid Areas".

Overview of administrative responsibilities and management concepts

The aim of the research is to present administrative responsibilities in flood protection and to show which chains of command and communication channels come into play in the event of a flood disaster in Iran. In addition, it aims to assess and analyse the basic handling of hazard maps for floods and heavy rainfall events in Iran.

These three questions are at the centre of the research:

  • What are the administrative responsibilities in the area of flood protection and disaster management?
  • What do the chains of command and communication channels look like in a flood disaster?
  • How are flood and heavy rain hazard maps handled in Iran?

Result: Study on Iranian flood protection after 2019

The study will provide an overview of Iranian flood management, which has been restructured after the flood disaster in western Iran in 2019. In particular, the study will focus on the current governing bodies and their responsibilities and authority in the event of a flood, their chains of command for flood protection and management in the event of a disaster.

This information will be used in the HoWaMan project to develop innovative concepts and products for adapted flood risk management.

HoWaMan – Flood risk management in semi-arid and arid areas: Targeted research in Iran


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