Do sewage treatment plants make people happy?

A panorama of cross-border infrastructure research

"What do wastewater treatment plants have to do with happiness research? Why is the citizen a nuisance? Why should centralized actually go hand in hand with decentralized? And why does the world need research at all?" These and other questions are addressed by the inter 3 Institute for Resource Management.

In their book, the editors have compiled answers from more than ten years of intensive research. Starting from the institute's core competence in the water and wastewater sector, bridges are built to the infrastructure sectors of energy, construction and agriculture.

Crossing borders in infrastructure research

Anyone interested in cross-border research in infrastructure will find what they are looking for here: the authors shed light on the interplay between people and money, modular technology and degressive tariffs, new ideas and old forces, pipeline networks and software, gradual changes and rapid catastrophes, German perseverance and international experts.

In short articles, the authors describe, against the background of their respective disciplines, how inter 3 conducts infrastructure research across borders - across sectors and disciplines, communities and cultures, people and technologies. And what interesting results emerge.

It is about business and economics, technology development and technology use in different societies, and infrastructure development between politics and society.

The book is aimed at practitioners and scientists. It wants to stimulate, irritate and invite constructive debates. Feedback - also critical - is welcome.

The book can be ordered directly from inter 3.