Dr. Shahrooz Mohajeri

Managing Director
Environmental resource researcher and international consultant

We in Germany are among the top 10 in the world: as an internationally sought-after consultant, Shahrooz Mohajeri knows that the German sanitation sector, ­with its more than 150 years of operational experience, is an interesting partner worldwide. And he also knows that in times of ­climate change­ it ­will be necessary in ­Germany­, too, to ­take new approaches to the management of ­water resources. Whether in water reuse­, the avoidance of peak loads ­or the prioritisation of water resource users­: these and other issues have preoccupied many countries in the global South for years and offer enormous potential for ­partnerships at eye level. ­Shaping ­exchange and cooperation in a way that is ­profitable ­for both sides is a matter close to the heart of ­the environmental resource researcher with many years of experience­.

My passion? Shaping partnerships at eye level between Germany and the global South.

Shahrooz Mohajeri has been managing ­partner of inter 3 since its foundation. ­His research and consulting work focuses ­on the ­economic and institutional-entrepreneurial ­aspects of the water sector­. Mohajeri, who holds a ­doctorate in ­environmental engineering, manages the ­institute's international projects and advises national and ­international organisations in the water sector­.

Shahrooz Mohajeri was born in Esfahan, Iran in September 1968 and came to Germany in 1986. He lives in Berlin with his wife and three sons.

Current projects