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Communicate model projects in a targeted manner

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New impulses for public relations work

In the pilot project "Experimental Building and Urban Development" (ExWoSt), illustrative transferable solutions are tested in practice. In this research programme inter 3 makes an illustrative evaluation of the public relations work aimed at the expert community of the Federal Institute for Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR). Based on current communications research findings, suggestions are made for optimising public relations work. 

The BBSR supports the federal government by providing expert consultation for regional planning, building and urban development. Actors and regions that are facing the same challenges should benefit from the ExWoSt pilot project. Against this background, targeted communication of the results to the expert community is a main criterion for success for this pilot project.

Objectives: Shaping distribution channels and publications

inter 3’s main task is to draw up proposals for the information layout of BBSR publications to appeal to a specific target audience and for exact distribution activities. This is intended to increase the response from the expert community and to distinguish the BBSR at the intersection of policy, science and practice.

Approach: To know and understand the target audience

Taking into account the BBSR’s considerable media relations and distribution channels, inter 3 will first undertake a target audience analysis. Based on this, a detailed response and needs analysis of the various target groups will be carried out as part of a representative survey. The quantitative findings will be supported by qualitative interviews. They will be analysed with respect to the requirements for providing effective public relations work aimed at the expert community for pilot projects.

Results: Optimising public relations work aimed at the expert community for pilot projects

The outcome of the project is a set of pragmatic and precise recommendations for the effective dissemination of the ExWoSt results. inter 3 will bring these together into a strategy concept for all the BBSR’s public relations work aimed at the expert community. The final step will be for inter 3 to develop, in cooperation with Stilblüte Kommunikation Berlin, practicable proposals for the optimisation of the BBSR’s corporate design and website.

Evaluation of model projects and their communication to the professional public


Dr. Susanne Schön, +49(0)30-34 34 74 42


Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung (BBSR)

Project partner:

Stilblüte Kommunikation Berlin


Bonn, Berlin


2008 – 2009