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Disseminating results

Making it interesting

You want to get the knowledge transfer going? You want the right people to know about the important things, so that your knowledge of facts and actions is actually effective? You neither have big campaign budgets nor are you communication professionals? We know all about that.

How to reach your (specialist) target groups

You have developed excellent research results, well-founded factual knowledge and helpful knowledge for action. We prepare it for you and bring it to where your target groups actually inform themselves.

  • We use explanatory films to present your message in a short, concise and entertaining way. You get an information offer requiring minimal effort that can be used in many ways and be easily disseminated.
  • With print media and PR campaigns, we prepare your results in a comprehensible, interesting and attention-grabbing way and ensure that you are in the right place at the right time with your message.

This is useful for application-oriented R&D projects, model projects or innovation groups that want to achieve tangible resonance for their results and communicate with their target groups in a way that is not like all the others.

Project selection Explanatory films

Project selection Print media and PR campaigns