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Fostering implementation

Transdisciplinary innovation management

Scientists, practice partners, research funders, everyone wants research results to find their way into application. But unfortunately it is a rocky road to transfer the systematic-analytical thinking of science into the pragmatic-strategic action of practice.

Analytical AND decisive

Transdisciplinary innovation management cannot perform miracles either. But the mindset - strategic, focused, decisive, working flexibly with uncertain knowledge and the occasionally rigid conditions - and the tools force a pragmatic focus in the transition to practice.

We can help you

  • with our handbook Transdisciplinary Innovation Management
  • with digital crash courses on transdisciplinary excitement topics
  • with a transdisciplinary consultation hour
  • with a workshop for your project group
  • or as a project partner or service provider in your project

This is useful, for example, for sustainability projects that want to be as effective as possible despite limited resources, or for research group leaders or project coordinators who want to train their innovation management skills.

Project selection Workshops and further training

Project selection Innovation management in projects