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Analysing data

Reliable figures are half the battle

Whether climate adaptation, species extinction or supply chain fairness, the challenges are enormous, the problems complex, and action is needed.  In order to develop appropriate solutions, heterogeneous data must often be processed and modelled. And those who want to present convincing arguments are well advised to base them on hard facts and figures ,which can also be presented and understood. Data science methods enable both.

Visualise precise analyses convincingly and comprehensibly

Data provide good arguments, at least when the research design is coherent and comprehensible, and the results are presented in an understandable way.

  • Using the methods of social science statistics, we provide you with a clear picture of distributions, correlations and patterns adapted to your research questions and the scope and quality of your data.
  • Using the methods of environmental data management, we link heterogeneous data, bridge missing data sets and create interactive dashboards that process, visualise and make use of past and future developments.

This is useful in inter- and transdisciplinary R&D work, for example, for project teams that want to convince future users, political decision-makers, or funding bodies.

Project selection statistical analysis

Project selection Environmental data management