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Unlocking complexities

Getting a solid overview

That the world is complex is a truism. How to deal with this complexity, on the other hand, is less banal. When working with experts from different fields, things become clearer: We need a common picture of the situation if we want to work together constructively and effectively.

Developing a common picture

When six people talk to each other, they have six different models of reality in their heads which the other five do not know, and that at best they can only guess at. This changes immediately when they all have a common visible point of reference: A graphic to which everyone contributes what they see and find important around a certain topic. Assured knowledge becomes visible and interrelated, dissent becomes negotiable.

  • With the constellation analysis our interdisciplinary work considers the precise description of a concrete problem situation and a concrete common idea of what the solution of this problem situation could look like.
  • With interdependency analysis, we work out the critical points, mutual dependencies and dangerous dynamics in complex (infrastructure) systems.

This is useful, for example, in inter- and transdisciplinary R&D work, or in the risk analysis of complex infrastructure systems.

Project selection Constellation analysis

Project selection Interdependency analysis