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Exploring the future

Knowing what to expect

Acting with foresight so that you are prepared for opportunities that arise and that you want to take advantage of. Or for risks that you would like to identify at an early stage.

Play through systematically

Even science cannot predict the future exactly, but it can systematically take a look at it using various methods.

  • For example, by having many experts give their opinions on possible developments, so that the picture gradually becomes clearer in what is known as the Delphi process.
  • Or by systematically developing a current situation into various conceivable (and also unthinkable) futures. Such "business as usual", "best case" or "worst case" scenarios vividly describe what may come.

This is useful, for example, before making directional decisions in technology selection, as a basis for discussion in participation processes or in resilience and risk analysis.

Project selection Delphi survey

Project selection Scenario analysis