Tamara Nuñez von Voigt

Environmental engineer, education, and training expert

Prototypes, pilot projects, practicable solutions: Tamara Nuñez von Voigt does everything she can to translate the results of application-oriented research into formats that actually work in practice. To this end, she has been working for more than 20 years, primarily in the field of integrated water resource management with a focus on the development of adapted technologies and suitable capacity development concepts for international water management. The engineer for energy and process technology and expert in ­adult education ­advises inter 3 clients on smart consumption management of ­energy and water resources, on the selection of suitable technologies and on digital education and training concepts for knowledge transfer, among other things.

My passion? Delivering solutions that don't wait for the customer to mature.

As a research assistant, Tamara Nuñez von Voigt ­taught and researched for several years at the Institute of Process Engineering at ­TU Berlin in the field of numerical ­simulations of ­multiphase systems ­and thermodynamics ­before specialising in ­international and interdisciplinary ­research cooperation ­and capacity development. ­She then worked in ­this field at ­TU Berlin at the Faculty VI Planning Building Environment at the cooperation unit ­West Asia / North Africa, in short: WANACU, among other things in setting up the master's degree programmes ­for the TU Campus El Gouna in Egypt.

Tamara Nuñez von Voigt has been part of the inter 3 team since its foundation and supports ­project partners, ­clients, and colleagues with her profound knowledge of national and ­international ­challenges in the ­water sector and her ­wealth of experience in ­international and intercultural ­cooperation for sustainable ­development.

Current projects