Workshop for a green Iran

Organization and support of the network architecture export in conducting the workshop

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From June 27 to 29 the workshop "GREEN IRAN" will take place in Tehran. At this workshop German and Iranian architects, engineers and construction companies discuss how they can cooperate and contribute to resource efficient district development.

The workshop is an initiative of the Network for Architecture Exchange which was set up by the Federal Chamber of German Architects to support architects on their way to develop new markets. The event is funded by the German Federal Ministries for the Environment (BMU) and the Interior (BMI).

Focus of the workshop is on energy and water efficient construction and refurbishing of buildings in Iran, and how German and Iranian expertise can be merged to reach this goal. inter 3 which has organized the workshop will be giving input on the topics of water infrastructure development.

The workshop will not only be about technical ideas and solutions but also about the political and legal framework conditions necessary for resource efficient district development, as well as educational issues.