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Making science effective


Organic regional food for communal catering

The RegioVers approach focuses on public catering as a driving force for strengthening the regional added value of…

Project overview

Drainless roof

Redesigning urban spaces: Relieving drainage systems and preventing flood hazards.

Urban safety 3D: Strengthening perceived safety in urban spaces

In the project "Urban Security 3D", inter 3 accompanied the work with a context of use analysis.

KIRMin: Increasing the resilience of critical infrastructures

What happens to the water supply in the event of a power failure and how can it be protected against total failure?

Fresh and safe? The intricate paths of lettuce

In the research network "SAFEFRESH", inter 3 developed safety scenarios for "Fresh-Cut" food.

How safe is the city?

How can objective and perceived security be established in the city at the same time?

Public Private Partnership in EU Watermarkets

Study on privatisation and regulation in the European water sector.