Axel Dierich

Political scientist and expert on the security of supply

Uncovering connections and grasping interdependencies: ­Axel Dierich­'s professional ­focus is on ­innovations in the ­supply of energy, water and food­. ­With curiosity and openness to ­unconventional ­solutions, he questions existing systems and mechanisms ­and challenges the ­innovation-oriented thinking of practitioners­. ­He develops ­forward-looking ­ideas with them iteratively and in close cooperation.

In 15 years of research in the field of urban infrastructures, Axel Dierich has ­developed a 7th sense for the very concrete ­challenges in supply systems today.­ He is an expert in participatory assessment methods, be it of technology alternatives, risks in crisis management or the sustainability of value chains. His analyses are based on cybernetic ­approaches to appropriately map ­the complex interplay between humans and technology.

What am I burning for? To bring to light the essential interdependencies in complex systems through professional exchange.

Axel Dierich studied political science at the Universities of Hamburg and Potsdam and urban planning at the TU Berlin. After working in various offices for urban planning and municipal consulting, he joined the inter 3 team in 2007. With his interest in the "dynamics of urban infrastructures", he has been shaping the various research fields of inter 3 ever since.

Current projects