Dr. Ali A. Besalatpour

Soil and water expert – and modeller

Being Careful: Dr. Ali Besalatpour is an expert in soil and water management and has been ­working in the field of integrated water resources management ­(IWRM) and river basin modelling since 2012. ­His focus is on developing science-based ­yet practical ­solutions to combat the ­adverse ­effects of ­climate change on ­the ­relationships between water, soil, plants and the atmosphere. For inter 3 clients, he illustrates ­impacts, dependencies ­and tipping points using novel data science methods and ­modelling tools ­as well as GIS and RS. He also advises companies and infrastructure operators on promising sustainability strategies for soil and water resources, for example with SWAT analyses.

My concern is to bring water, soil, plants and air into a symbiotic relationship with each other.

As a doctor of engineering, Dr. Besalatpour has very good knowledge of then integrated management of ­soil and water resources and the analysis and management of the ­corresponding data. His expertise lies in hydrological modelling of river basins ­and the integrated understanding and ­modelling of the ­relationship between water, energy and food security­.

Dr. Besalatpour is a former Assistant Professor of Soil and Water Sciences at Vali-e-Asr University in Rafsanjan, Iran. Since 2017, he has been working as an international project manager at inter 3.

Current projects