Citizen Science project CompAIR launches

How can Citizen Science be used for better air quality?

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Together we can achieve clean air for all

A kick-off event in the Belgian city of Ghent launched the EU project COMPAIR in early November. COMPAIR will help people across Europe, even those without a scientific background or technical knowledge, harness new technologies and digital sensors to collect local air quality data and understand the implications of air pollution for their community. The results of citizens’ research are expected to become a valuable data source for environmental policy decision-making in urban contexts.

Under the slogan "Together we can achieve clean air for all", air quality measurements will be conducted in 10 different citizen science labs in four pilot regions until autumn 2024 – in Athens, Berlin, the Belgian region of Flanders and Sofia/Plowdiw in Bulgaria. inter 3 is responsible for Berlin’s citizen science project. The Belgian agency Digitaal Vlaanderen is spearheading the project.

Actors and technologies in citizen science projects on air quality

In addition to getting to know each other personally, the international team of science and institutional partners from six European countries focused on discussing and specifying the work programme.

On the first day of the workshop, the project team got to know the pilot regions more closely, identified possible actors and discussed potential measures for behavioural change and the integration of citizen science data into policy. The second day focused on technological aspects: sensor and VR technologies and dashboard designs were explored not only in terms of their user-friendliness, but also with regards to the intuitive visualisation of results and their integration into existing indicator systems for air quality assessments.

Berlin’s citizen science lab will start at the beginning of 2022, when a first stakeholder workshop will be organised by inter 3 in cooperation with the European Citizen Science Association.


Project description

CompAIR – Community Observation Measurement and Participation in Air Science

The project team in Ghent