Managing sustainable land use

Involving stakeholders - developing ideas - resolving conflicts

In Germany, too, land as a resource is becoming increasingly scarce. Conflicts of use in urban and rural areas are inevitable. The authors present methods, strategies and tactics for managing conflicts in the context of land use concepts. Their concepts combine knowledge from innovation research with practical experience and are aimed at politicians, associations and organizations as well as independent initiatives.

Experience from nine innovation groups

In eight chapters, the authors address all important aspects of the topic, from land management issues and tasks to pioneering projects and the recruitment of participants.

In addition to an introduction to the basics of sustainable land management and a critical interjection on the limits of management concepts, the main topics addressed are those that were of cross-cutting importance in the nine innovation groups:

  • Using images and narratives
  • Talking to each other
  • Creating a common basis for decision-making
  • Constructively disrupting politics and management
  • Working with pioneers
  • Winning over companies

The contributions from innovation research offer an understandable and activating approach to the topic of land management; examples and tips help to develop ideas and implement sustainable land management projects.

The volume was produced as part of the "Innovation Groups for Sustainable Land Management" funding action of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


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Schön, S./ Eismann, C./ Wendt-Schwarzburg, H./ Ansmann, T. (Hg.) (2019): Nachhaltige Landnutzung managen. Akteure beteiligen - Ideen entwickeln - Konflikte lösen. Bielefeld: wbv

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