The Iranian water sector

Market and potential analysis for German-Iranian cooperation

With increasingly saturated and established markets, the German economy must constantly search for new sales opportunities in order to maintain its own position as the world's leading export nation. Iran offers great potential as a target market. As a result of the sanctions and the associated backlog demand in the infrastructure sector, as well as due to climate change and overuse of water resources, the sustainable provision of water supply represents a major challenge in Iran. The government is focusing on modernizing the water supply and ensuring that the population and the economy are supplied with water of the necessary quality.

Fields of action, potentials and guidance for German companies

This study describes the current status of the Iranian water and wastewater industry, identifies particularly interesting fields of action and potential for German companies, while also providing orientation within the political framework of Iran. The analysis is based on current data provided by the Iranian Ministry of Energy as well as interviews with actors from the water sector and representatives of companies active in Iran.

The study was prepared within the framework of the BMUB program "Export Initiative Environmental Technologies" for the project "German-Iranian Cooperation in the Water Sector - Market Description, Potential Analysis, Political Framework".



Acquire Market analysis (German)

Mohajeri, S. / Yildiz, Ö. / Monsees, J. (2017): Der iranische Wassersektor. Deutsch-Iranische Zusammenarbeit im Wassersektor erfolgreich gestalten. Markt- und Potenzialanalyse

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