Transdisciplinary Innovation Management

Implementing sustainability projects effectively

The articles in this handbook show how to pave the way for sustainable innovation ideas in practice, which instruments help in this process, and how the developed solution can be successfully implemented.

"From many years of experience, we know why sustainable solutions often have a hard time finding their way into practice," says Dr. Susanne Schön. "With the accompanying research for the funding action 'Innovation Groups for Sustainable Land Management', we took the opportunity to test and systematize our ideas on how this can be changed on and with the innovation groups."

A manual for -on-the-job-training

The handbook supports researchers in focusing on the interests and needs of future users at an early stage, in concentrating on tasks that are strategically important, and in forging powerful alliances in the face of limited resources. The team of authors shows how elements of corporate innovation management can be used for planning and controlling sustainability projects. Very different instruments such as technology readiness levels, environmental analyses or a model of social decision-making processes are applied and adapted to typical innovation processes in transdisciplinary sustainability research.

The handbook is aimed at people with different expertise and backgrounds. Good general comprehensibility, pictorial language and illustrations help them to quickly understand the basics of transdisciplinary innovation management and use it for their own purposes.

The case study of an urban rooftop farm is used to show which instruments can be used to successfully implement solutions that have been developed step by step. With accompanying task sheets for each section, strategies and measures can be developed for one's own sustainability project.

Use innovation management thinking for your own project

inter 3 also offers Transdisciplinary Innovation Management as a scientific service. Anyone who wants to work with the project team in a goal-oriented and motivated manner toward implementing the solution developed and effectively deploying limited resources can bring inter 3's innovation managers into play in order to jointly set strategic impulses for greater effectiveness with pinpoint accuracy. Anyone who wants to learn about transdisciplinary innovation management and apply it directly to their own project will receive professional input and tailor-made tools as part of further training that will immediately advance the project.

Worksheets to use in your sustainability project

With our task sheets (German), you can get started right away with innovation management for your sustainability project:


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Schön, S. / Eismann, C. / Wendt-Schwarzburg, H. / Kuhn, D. (2020) Transdisziplinäres Innovationsmanagement - Nachhaltigkeitsprojekte wirksam umsetzen, wbv Verlag Bielefeld

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