Climate-resilient infrastructure: FLEXITILITY starts implementation phase

Operating concepts for water reuse and intermediate drinking water storage are being tested

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Following the successful completion of the R&D phase, the Flexitility project entered the implementation phase in October 2022. Together with a broad network of partners, we are testing possibilities for water reuse for agricultural irrigation in the cultivation of (fodder and energy) crops and decentralized intermediate drinking water storage until 2024.

The overriding question is how these concepts can serve to increase the flexibility and resilience of municipal and regional public services in the face of the challenges of climate change. To this end, pilot systems are being installed, test series with the systems are being carried out, the results are being evaluated and recommendations for action are being developed. In addition, a model for assessing municipal climate resilience is being launched for practical application.

Operational concepts for water reuse and intermediate drinking water storage systems

The goal is to gather experience, test the concepts for feasibility, and develop recommendations for their use based on the results. Water reuse in particular could offer great potential when the corresponding EU directive comes into effect by mid next year. The central concern of the project is to develop sustainable, safe and economically viable operating concepts for it.

With the Water Reuse Check, inter 3 has already developed a first tool to provide operators with a quick overview of which of their wastewater treatment facilities could be considered for economic water reuse.