Enabling water reuse in Germany

inter 3 analyses potentials for wastewater companies

Menschen auf Wasserfarm
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The EU makes it possible. From May 2023, treated wastewater may be used for agricultural irrigation. With this innovation, water resources are to be conserved and periods of drought overcome more easily. Wastewater companies interested in reusing water must know and consider the potential of their wastewater treatment plants when making decisions.

Water reuse - future topic for municipal wastewater utilities

The inter 3 Water Reuse Check offers plant operators just that:

  • The land analysis provides a compact overview of suitable agricultural land in the vicinity of the wastewater treatment plants.
  • The irrigation calculator links weather, soil and agricultural yield data and determines the irrigation needs of the land.
  • The surplus yield analysis calculates the economic potential of irrigation for farmers and provides orientation on potential sales opportunities.

Regional Value Creation – Successful Provision of Services of General Interest in the Face of Climate Change

Water supply and wastewater disposal are among the most important services of general interest. In times of climate change with increased periods of heavy rain, heat and drought, this area of responsibility is becoming even more important. The EU is attempting to react to this at an early stage with the new regulation and is giving water and agriculture greater scope for action. Wastewater companies are well advised to make use of this room for manoeuvre at an early stage - out of responsibility for the common good and the sustainable development of their region.

The Water Reuse Check provides a quick orientation aid for which treatment plants water reuse for agricultural irrigation is a concrete possibility - because it promises regional added value without additional costs for the farm.