Climate-resilient infrastructure: FLEXITILITY starts implementation phase

Operating concepts for water reuse and intermediate drinking water storage are being tested

Input at the Urban Thinkers Campus 2022

At Urban Thinkers Campus 22, Dr. Shahrooz Mohajeri speaks on municipal operator partnerships.

Securing agricultural yields via water reuse

The article illustrates how water reuse can be implemented in an environmentally sustainable way.

Municipal water partnerships

inter 3 analyses the potentials for municipal water partnerships in the countires of the global south.

BBK warns of drinking water shortages – inter 3 is researching solutions

inter 3 is using its expertise in water resource management to develop approaches for increasing the resilience of…


How can the proper functioning of infrastructure systems under changing climatic conditions be ensured? The research…

Developing flexibility and networks: Company network links water industry and Electricity Balancing Market

On 15 January 2016 in Berlin, the members of the NEW energy efficient water industry network discussed the results and…

inter 3 at the 1st Iranian-German Water Partnership Day 2015 in Tehran

In Iran’s water sector, German advanced technology is in great demand. The list of participants of the 1st Iranian…

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