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Project overview

MarginUp! Make Sustainable Use out of Marginal Lands

EU project explores valorization and ecological management of agricultural border sites in 5 countries.

Drainless roof

Redesigning urban spaces: Relieving drainage systems and preventing flood hazards.

Flexible Utilities: Implementation Phase

Solutions developed in the R&D phase of the FLEXITITY project are now going into implementation.

Flood protection and management of flood disasters in Iran

inter 3 creates an overview of official responsibilities during flood disasters.

Digital training concepts for decentralized wastewater plants

Together with ATB WATER, inter 3 is developing a digital LEARNING HOUSE for Iranian professionals.

Fair and resilient urban-rural relations

How do you develop fair and resilient urban-rural relationships? This is what inter 3 is investigating in the VorAb…

IWRM Zayandeh Rud - Implementation Phase

What solutions are being taken to address the impending water shortage on the Zayandeh Rud River?

Flexible Utility: Urban infrastructures fit for climate change

What does climate-resilient urban development look like and how can it be optimally supported by infrastructure?