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Making science effective


Social innovations for climate-just cities

How can social innovations in the field of building, housing and urban development be brought from the niche to the…

Project overview

MarginUp! Make Sustainable Use out of Marginal Lands

EU project explores valorization and ecological management of agricultural border sites in 5 countries.

Drainless roof

Redesigning urban spaces: Relieving drainage systems and preventing flood hazards.

Flexible Utilities: Implementation Phase

Solutions developed in the R&D phase of the FLEXITITY project are now going into implementation.

Flood protection and management of flood disasters in Iran

inter 3 creates an overview of official responsibilities during flood disasters.

Digital training concepts for decentralized wastewater plants

Together with ATB WATER, inter 3 is developing a digital LEARNING HOUSE for Iranian professionals.

Fair and resilient urban-rural relations

How do you develop fair and resilient urban-rural relationships? This is what inter 3 is investigating in the VorAb…

IWRM Zayandeh Rud - Implementation Phase

What solutions are being taken to address the impending water shortage on the Zayandeh Rud River?

Flexible Utility: Urban infrastructures fit for climate change

What does climate-resilient urban development look like and how can it be optimally supported by infrastructure?