Drinking water well rehabilitation with German-Iranian expertise

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Working together for better water supply and wastewater disposal

Population growth and water scarcity threaten future drinking water supply of Iranians capital Teheran. German know-how and technology helps to face the challenge. Deep wells supplying approximately one third of Teheran population with water, require urgently modernization for robust water supply. The Iran-experienced inter 3 team, supports the "Teheran Water Production Wells – Well Remediation & Rehabilitation Project” with inter 3 expertise in sustainable water supply and wastewater disposal as well as intelligent infrastructure planning.

Optimization of Teheran drinking water supply with innovative well technology and sound knowledge on water management

German well technology and groundwater management concepts for dry regions are adapted to local conditions and communicated in function and applicability to Iranian colleagues. For this task, the inter 3 team of engineers, led by Dr. Shahrooz Mohajeri, collaborates with the Berlin based well service enterprise pigadi GmbH. Based on its longtime experience in Iranian water sectors, inter 3 facilitates capacity building of Teheran water- and wastewater company staff, on the process of hydro-mechanical rehabilitation of deep wells. Successfully, inter 3 can draw up on past development and execution of training workshops and demand oriented praxis modules in Iran and other countries in the Middle East.

Optimization of Capacity Development though intercultural competency

Balancing local socio-economic and infrastructural conditions and expectations of Iranian partners with German technologies for rehabilitation and modernization of deep wells is a key task during inter 3 consultation. Pigadi GmbH as well as inter 3 are members of the German Water Partnership e.V. Aiming on making German expertise in the water sector accessible for other countries, the association has developed an intersectoral capacity development strategy grounded on various training modules.

Teheran Water Production Wells - Well Remediation & Rehabilitation Project


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