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Clean Air in Berlin

A citizen science workshop on February 3, 2022 marked the beginning of EU COMPAIR’s Berlin pilot project.

Online knowledge transfer for urban development

We got commissioned to investigate how knowledge on urban development can be disseminated as effectively as possible.

New publication: A guide for the plastics industry

Industry partners learn how they can avoid microplastic emissions at their production sites.

Impact analysis of the Water Export Initiative in Jordan

inter 3 examined how international projects in the water sector can be made even more effective.

Securing agricultural yields via water reuse

The article illustrates how water reuse can be implemented in an environmentally sustainable way.

New article: Urban design as a democratic process

The article demonstrates the use of collaborative methods to collectively design cities and strengthen citizens'…

Citizen Science project CompAIR launches

EU project CompAIR on air quality improvement through citizen science kicked off in Ghent, Belgium.

Municipal water partnerships

inter 3 analyses the potentials for municipal water partnerships in the countires of the global south.

inter 3 will investigate possibilities to exploit new water resources in the Middle East

The HighRec project is researching energy-efficient and sustainable technologies for desalination of brackish water…

BBK warns of drinking water shortages – inter 3 is researching solutions

inter 3 is using its expertise in water resource management to develop approaches for increasing the resilience of…

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